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ABWA Members Benefit

Locally and Nationally

Bucks County Business Women's Chapter wants to help you develop your business and find new ways of connecting with the professionals you want to meet.

Connect with talented women in the Bucks County area

Learning and connecting with like-minded business women is a powerful way to increase your chances of success. 

You'll also increase awareness of your business and services within the community. 

Stay inspired and motivated

Staying motivated can sometimes be a challenge, especially in today’s environment. Being part of Bucks County Business Women's Chapter provides a powerful community.


Our group inspires members by introducing them to other business professionals in Bucks County who can provide new ideas or referrals. 


Connecting with like minded women.

When you connect with other professionals, you have the opportunity to learn valuable business advice from those who might have more experience or knowledge than you.


Bounce ideas off other members, explore new ventures and listen to genuine feedback from those who may or may not be in your market but could provide a unique perspective.

Engaging Speakers & Events

Bucks County Business Women's Chapter prides itself on hosting high caliber speakers at each monthly chapter meeting. Our speakers offer current information on a variety of valuable topics.


Every chapter meeting concludes with a lively Q&A segment with our expert speakers. You'll develop greater business insight and knowledge. 


Developing New Clients and Customers

Bucks County Business Women's Chapter members and their business are listed on our online directory. We encourage members to support one another and utilize this resource. 


Learning about what other group members do can help you connect and find mutual ways to help each other. This network gives you an advantage over your competition!

Advantage of Joining ABWA

When you join our Chapter, you also join ABWA. The benefits of joining a nation-wide, respected networking organization can help you develop personally and professionally. Membership benefits include:

  • Access to ABWA’s members only Facebook and Linked-In Groups. Promote your products, services and celebrations!

  • Free and heavily discounted courses in ABWA’s, Apex Campus, an exclusive online learning platform

  • Networking opportunities with sister chapters throughout PA and the US, as well as at national conferences twice a year. 

  • Access to educational scholarship opportunities. 

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