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Dr. Loredana Marzullo Shapson, PharmD,  FNTP

Dr. Loredana Marzullo Shapson, PharmD, FNTP

Functional Nutritional Therapist and Wellness Coach

LifeMod Solutions

760 Newtown-Yardley Road Ste 125, Newtown, PA 18940

(215) 990-6383

A Happier, Healthier You
At LifeMod Solutions, we believe the human body contains within it an innate intelligence for self-healing. When provided the right environment using nutrition and lifestyle modifications, this intelligence takes over, increasing the body’s energy systems, allowing for health to occur naturally.

Our alternative care, holistic health practice specializes in individualizing lifestyle programs to upgrade your health, naturally. Your needs are different than someone else’s.

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