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I am a founding board member for ABWA Bucks County Business Women's Chapter and a Certified Long Term Care Specialist with Affordable Long Term Care, LLC.

At Affordable Long Term Care, LLC we help our clients prepare in advance for any long term health event. We provide our clients with the latest industry information and will walk you through side-by-side quotes from highly rated insurance carriers; compareing benefits and premiums from multiple providers. We understand how long term care will impact you, your family, yourt assets and your lifestyle and we strive to provide you with an affordable policy that will best address your needs.

After suffering a long term care situation within my own family and witnessing the devastation caused by not having a proper plan in place, my passion has been helping families and individuals understand the importance of having a plan to maintain their independence and protect their assets prior to a long term heath event. I work with Susan Allen and Chris Tomagno as an intrical part of the Affordable Long Term Care team, focusing on communication and researching advancements made within the long term care industry.

I have been a speaker at health care symposiums discussing Long Term Care insurance and recieved my Certification for Long Term Care (CLTC) designation in 2012.

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Laura Heflin, CLTC

Laura Heflin, CLTC

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