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Pharmacist turned holisitic and founder of LifeMod Solutions, a holistic health coaching practice in Newtown PA.

I help people feel better using all natural and holistic methods with food, supplements and lifestyle modifications. My program is designed to educate patients about reducing toxin exposure and about healthy living along the way.

My goal is to get patients OFF prescription and over-the-counter medications and to provide them answers to the WHY they have been feeling unwell.

My clinical analysis, energy medice practices and muscle response testing results unconver what has been keeeping you unwell:

--Nutritient Deficiencies

--Dietary Imbalances

--Food Sensitivities

--Immune System Imbalances

--Heavy Metal Toxicity

--Chemical Toxicity

--Emotional Stress

I do not accept insurance, however, I do accept HSA/FSA cards.


--LifeMod Health Improvement Program - One-On-One Individualized Coaching

--RESTART 5 week Virtual Sugar Detox Challenge and Nutrition Class - Great for groups and corporations

--Corporate Wellness Educational Webinars - 1 hour

--Food Sensiviity Testing and other lab testing

Visit my website to learn more!


--Facebook @lifemodsolutions

--Instragram @lifemodsolutions

Loredana Marzullo Shapson

Loredana Marzullo Shapson

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